Insights. Inspiration. On demand.
Insights. Inspiration. On demand.

Insights. Inspiration. On demand.

Discover how Product Leaders at Canva, Facebook, Atlassian and more solved their most challenging product problems.


Real Product Leaders. Real 'aha' Moments.

World-Class Products

World-Class Products

Get your front row seat to learn how the world's best products are built and scaled.

20+ Case Studies
20+ Case Studies

Get a front-row seat to learn how some of the greatest products are built.

18+ Hours of Insights
18+ Hours of Insights

Decades of product learning condensed into fascinating, short stories.

On Demand
On Demand

Learn anywhere, anytime. Accelerate your career on your schedule.


Frequently Asking Questions

Who is the Minnow Library for?

Anyone looking to accelerate their career in product and learn from the best.

This doesn't mean that you have to be a product manager. If you are in a role where you work on building product, work closely with product teams, or are in a product-led company, then the Minnow Library is for you.

Your title may be:

  • Product Manager

  • Product Owner

  • Product Designer (UI, UX)

  • Product Researcher

  • Product Analyst

  • Product Marketer

  • Founder

  • Software Engineer

  • Engineering Managers

  • Business Analyst

  • Customer Success Manager

Or anything else as long as you have an interest in product.

Can my work pay for my subscription?

Yes! It is likely your company will very happy to invest in your career development. You may also already have an allocated learning & development (L&D) budget you can use.

See here for a template email that you that can share with your employer to ask to invest in the Minnow Library for your development.

What is included with my subscription?

With your subscription, you will get access to a growing library of 18+ hours of product experiences.

You will also be invited to join Minnow's Slack community of incredible product people.

How often is new content added?

New content is typically added each week.

Do you offer subscriptions for teams?

Yes, please email for more information.

How can I become a Minnow speaker?

Great question. Send an email to with the topic you'd like to cover.

Matt Hinds, Co-Founder at Sauce

Matt Hinds, Co-Founder at Sauce

"I loved learning from awesome product leaders from SafetyCulture, Canva, Immutable, Forage and many more.

Highly recommend for product people wanting to level up!"

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